Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Radio Show #81 "Antithithith"

Is up for listen again here
We played:
Silver Sun - Lava
Sleeper - Vegas
Chris Isaak - American Boy
The Vivs - Tiger Tiger
Love Affair - Back Into My Life Again
The Who - Let's See Action
Wilko Johnson - Down By The Waterside
Daniel Johnston - High Horse
Spirit Kid - Happiness
The Stray Cats - Fishnet Stockings
Nanci Griffith - Hell No {I'm Not Alright}
Moonshine Willy - George Set Me Straight
The Banana Splits - This Spot
The King - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Mott The Hoople - Walking With A Mountain
The Young Fresh Fellows - Picture Book
Otis Williams - Jesus Is A Soul Man
Nick Lowe - Half A Boy & Half A Man
The Undertones - Get Over You

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